For the Love of Dance and Music // A Kickstarter Launch Party // Neck of the Woods - San Francisco // Friday July 25th, 2014 



Our Mission

We live to dance and play music. It brings an indescribable joy to both ourselves and those around us. If you're reading this, chances are you have experienced these feelings. Young and old, dance and music is part of everyone's life. It is an opportunity to celebrate something special. Something that connects you with the world around us.  Part of being human is making connections with others. Through the art of dance and music, driven by love, we all can celebrate life and make a real connection with each other.

Our project is simple. We're on the verge of a year-long life changer in Spain, which will allow us to keep learning and improving our ability as artists. But we need your help! We are using our talents to bring the joy of dance and music to you, directly.  We've created this event, which will allow you to experience our art and the journey ahead of us. The next step is to launch our Kickstarter,  allowing us to share our dream with you and the rest of the world. You will then check out our page and find something that means something to you. Make a pledge with your heart and share your love of dance and music!

9:00PM DJ Fillmore Wax - DC Gogo, Funk
9:30PM The George Lacson Project - Funk, Soul and R&B Band
10:30PM DJ 360 spinning the best in salsa and bachata music
11:00PM Performances by The Latin Symbolics and more!
11:30PM-1:30AM More dancing with DJ 360 on the turntables!


Featured Acts: 

Frances Lacson and The Latin Symbolics 

Frances is a professional salsa dancer and ballroom dance instructor. She has been dancing for over 15 years, with strong roots in hip hop and training in ballet, jazz, modern and musical theater. She currently performs with The Latin Symbolics, the longest running dance team in the Bay Area directed by dance champion, Ava Apple and her partner, Rodolfo Guzman. The group consists of both a Pro team and Ladies team, both known for their diversity in NY Salsa, NY Hustle, Cha Cha Cha and Bachata, as well as difficult lifts and tricks performed by the Pro team.

The Latin Symbolics is based out of the Symbolic Dance and Fitness studio which offers salsa and other dance classes each week.

The George Lacson Project 

he George Lacson Project is a collective of talented artists and musicians based in the San Francisco Bay Area organized and led by bass player George Lacson. Their sound melds traditional Jazz, Funk, R&B with the innovative and modern influences of today’s contemporary music. Throughout Lacson's career, he has performed with world-renowned artists such as John Lee Hooker Jr. and shared the stage with household names like Lenny Kravitz and Z.Z. Top. He has also achieved recording credits on a Grammy nominated album. The George Lacson Project entices listeners’ ears with powerful, inspired music that’s built around a backbone of strong musicianship.

DJ Fillmore Wax 

From funky classics to the local Bay Area sounds to the bubble pop of DC GOGO congas, DJ Fillmore Wax knows how to keep the groove alive. This DJ has been winning new fans due to his non-stop dedication to spinning different types of music and not replicating what other DJs play. With just a few years of experience, Fillmore Wax has been making?a name for himself, not just at the Fillmore or all of San Francisco or the Bay Area, but everywhere. People of different ages, races, and all walks of life can't get enough of his superb music collection.

DJ 360 

Angel Rivas, who is also known as Dj-360 was born and raised in Mexico. He is known for being the first top DJ to bring back the salsa vinyl spinning revolution to the San Francisco Bay Area. While anyone can be a salsa music Dj on mp3s, Angel wanted to be original and unique and decided to do it how it is supposed be done, on vinyl’s. He has numerous of rare collectible salsa records, and in most cases, he has more than two or three original copies of a single record. He is also known to be a well-rounded Dj for all genres of music. DJ 360 Facebook Page


WHERE: Neck of the Woods
406 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94118
WHEN: Friday July 25th, 2014 9:00pm


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